Twitter allows you to disable responses to your Stories

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If you have ever published a Fleets on Twitter – what are the Stories that disappear within 24 hours of being published in this social network- you will have seen that you begin to get reactions from the users who see them … but Through Direct Message (DM) On twitter.

Twitter adds a button to not allow responses in Fleets for now on Android

In other words, when a user replies to the Fleet, even if it is only a “like”, you will receive a notification that someone has sent you a direct message. This was a problem especially for accounts with thousands of followers, since a story could be seen by hundreds of people and that could mean receiving hundreds of direct messages in a short space of time … In addition, they are messages that are not requesting an interaction mostly, they are simply a “like.”

To avoid this situation, Twitter has added a new feature that will please the users of your stories, by making them at least a little less intrusive. From now on, when uploading a new fleets, you can select to “disable” notifications through DM.

Stories Twitter button

For not receive notifications from the fleets Through direct message, all you have to do is move the arrow of the new button that is added at the bottom of each Fleets when going to publish it, as shown in the image. When deactivating it, you will no longer receive direct messages in response to Stories, neither emojis nor texts. In other words, users who see these contents will not have the option to comment on them or react to them.

At the moment this new tool is already available for all users of the Twitter app for Android operating system. Of course, the company has confirmed that it will also arrive “soon” on iPhone mobile devices, although it has not confirmed an exact date.

On the other hand, if you want to stop watching the Fleets on the social network, you also have an option to silence them, as we told you before.


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