Twitter confirms that it prepares the “undo tweet” button

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While millions of users they continue to ask Twitter for the arrival of an «edit» button The tweets, which the company already took care of months ago to confirm that “it will never come”, continue to appear new functions that will change the social network as we understand it today in the near future.

The new “undo tweet” button could be a paid feature

In the same way that last week it confirmed that it was working on the creation of company profiles within the platform, Twitter has now confirmed that it is working to create an «undo» button that allows you to quickly delete the message that has been posted by error in the social network.

It has been a company spokesperson who has confirmed it through an email sent to Cnet, after publishing the software developer Jane Manchun Wong – known for having discovered other functionalities on the platform before its official launch, such as the new account verification system, among many others – some images that showed that the button was being tested. undo a tweet earlier this month after analyzing the source code of the Twitter app.

Now the official confirmation shows that these tests are being carried out and that, depending on their result, the company will make this new functionality available to users. However, it is not clear if, if officially launched, it would reach 192 million active users per day that Twitter currently has.

It could be that Twitter, finally, incorporated it as a payment function, within the new policy of the company, which will launch exclusive tools with which it intends to monetize the service. For example, Twitter has already confirmed the arrival of Super Follows, which will allow you to interact in a special way with some tweeters and receive exclusive content. Well, in the same way, the possibility to undo tweets at the touch of a button.

Twitter, in fact, have included this option in a survey that you have shown to some users, whom you have polled as to which features they would pay for and which they would not subscribe for. This question was shown before the completion of the tests is now confirmed.

In any case, what is not assured is that the function will be launched permanently. It could be that it was never shown … or that Twitter did and did not charge for it. In the end, today we already have the possibility of deleting tweets … what would an “undo send” button change?

Well, the change could be that, when launching this button, Twitter could wait a few seconds before publishing the content … and show the possibility of undoing it. After these first seconds, to delete the published tweet, one would have to resort to the current option of «delete tweet».


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