Twitter confirms the creation of profiles for companies

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Twitter is working on creating a new type of corporate account, which would allow companies to companies enjoy specific functions for them. Until now, unlike what happens in other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, where there are corporate accounts, all Twitter users have the same type of accounts.

Twitter has confirmed that it is working on the development of these corporate profiles, but has not set a date for their official launch.

However, the social network is ready to finally create corporate profiles. The company has given some details of what those company-specific profiles might look like, which would include additional information that does not currently appear in “standard” user profiles.

As can be seen in the screenshots provided by Twitter, the company profile adds information such as the verification badge – which can be obtained automatically, without having to actively request it, something that currently Twitter users cannot do because the verification process is closed.

In addition, the details of said verification will be shown, the category to which the company belongs and business information such as the address, the opening hours to the public and even active buttons to start a phone call or activate GPS guidance for reach their facilities or offices.

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Twitter is also studying – it has not yet been confirmed if some or all of these functions will be included in a future update, it is only known that they are being worked on – that business profiles can show options such as boxes in which to show products or services available customer reviews, links to the app store, image gallery or access to customer reviews.

These features could be free… or maybe Twitter charged companies for access to these additional features, which could be a possibility as well. In fact, the company has already launched its first payment functions in recent weeks, with the Super Follow or the newsletter creation system after the purchase of Revue.


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