Twitter held talks to buy Clubhouse

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Twitter is developing its own audio chat tool, Twitter Spaces, currently in the testing phase, although the company has already announced that it will be officially launched “for all users” during the month of April. Although Twitter has been developing the function for months, it will arrive weeks later than the success achieved by Clubhouse, a social app also for chat rooms that captured all eyes during the first months of this year.

Clubhouse’s market price stood at $ 4 billion during talks

While Clubhouse has indicated that it will take “a couple of months” to develop its Android app, the key to knowing which of the two tools will be more successful is when Twitter finally launches Spaces for all users. The first to do so, they will possibly be able to get hold of the cake, as long as they do not advance any of the similar functions that are also being developed by Facebook, LinkedIn and even other companies like Spotify.

At the moment the race seems like a thing of two, while these other competitors arrive, and it was possible to wonder why Twitter had not made no move to take over Clubhouse and integrate the functionality in the social network, especially taking advantage of the success of the application. It would have been the same as when you bought Periscope, as this app was very successful as it was one of the first to allow live broadcasts. He acquired it and little by little he was integrating it on Twitter, until its final closure on March 31.

However, it seems that Twitter did try, although it did not achieve its goal. As noted Bloomberg, which cites sources close to the company, Twitter was in talks months ago with the creators of Clubhouse to acquire the application. Apparently they would have valued a figure of 4,000 million dollars for the app, but the negotiations did not come to fruition.

The reason why the acquisition did not go through is unknown, but Twitter apparently dropped the talks. Perhaps you were aware that by developing your own tool, Twitter Spaces, you could achieve more popularity without the need for such a high investment.

Meanwhile, Clubhouse continues to seek investors. Raising funding rounds is necessary for the creators of the application if they want to continue developing functionalities and complete an official launch of the application before it is too late and big competitors appear.


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