Twitter offers its entire tweet history to researchers for free

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Twitter has announced a change in your API for third-party applications that will allow researchers who want to study behaviors and trends in the online conversation that occurs on Twitter to access the history of information on the social network for free.

Twitter makes all the public messages collected in the social network available to academics since its creation

Until now, Twitter asked researchers to pay a premium access for developers if they wanted to access the history of public conversations, but now it will allow free access to all those developers and researchers who are conducting academic research.

“Our developer platform has not always made researchers’ jobs easier by giving them access to the data they need,” the company said. In this sense, as indicated by Twitter, its new offer dedicated to Academic Research will allow equip researchers with solutions that help them to work more efficiently with Twitter data using its API. This has been recognized by the firm through its developer account on the social network itself, where it has published this tweet:

Among other things, they will have higher levels of access to the Twitter developer platform for free and will also be able to access a complete archive that will allow them to consult public conversations, also free of charge, since the creation of the social network.

On the other hand, also Twitter will make new technical guides available to you and methodologies to maximize study success, among many other custom features to combat some of the biggest challenges you face when conducting research on Twitter.

This novelty comes as part of the company’s commitment to create a new, improved Twitter API that works better for all types of developers, a project that the social network started last summer.


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