Twitter officially launches its Stories around the world!

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Twitter has just confirmed the launch of the Fleets, their Stories, around the world. The company has published a tweet on its official account in which it informs that the new functionality is now available globally and that it will be gradually activated for all users in the coming hours.

The company, which began testing the “Fleets” last March in Brazil, also launched them in the summer in India, Italy, and South Korea. Last week they arrived in Japan, one of the main markets for Twitter, where it has 51 million users. The fact that they were launched in the second most important market for the company after the United States suggested that a global launch was imminent.

Now, the social network has just launched them globally and in TreceBits we have already been able to test them. Twitter thus becomes the latest social network to incorporate ephemeral content, very popular especially among younger users, after LinkedIn also did it in Spain a couple of weeks ago.

How Twitter Fleets Work

Fleets disappear 24 hours after being published, they are contents that cannot receive “I like you”, or “Replies”, or be “Retweeted”, although if the user who publishes them admits to receiving direct messages, they can be answered to them privately. Whoever publishes them can also share them in a tweet.

The Fleets that we publish are available to all users who access our profile – unless it is private with a lock – even if they are not followers. They are shown, as in other social networks, in a Fleets bar at the top of the Home of the Twitter app. They are not shown on desktop. Twitter first selects the users “with whom we interact the most” and with whom we have the most followers in common to order the available fleets.

Twitter Stories Fleets

To publish a Fleet, as in other social networks, you have to click on the first icon, which has a (+) sign. Doing so opens the message composer and you can post text, images, videos up to 140 seconds long, and GIF files.

Twitter fleets composer

To go from one to the other you have to slide to the left. In addition, several contents can be published in a row, and curiously, in these «multifleets», to go from one Fleet to another you do not have to click on the screen -as happens in Instagram- but the navigation is more similar to Tiktok, sliding the screen up.

When a user has posted a Fleet, a blue circle is displayed on their profile photo. Have you already activated the Fleets? What do you think? We are waiting your comments?


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