Twitter will allow the monitoring of several accounts at the same time with a single click

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Surely it has happened to you on occasion, that you start reading your news thread on Twitter, you sneak into the profile of someone who has seemed interesting to you and, from there, you have found a whole brood of new users who have been just as relevant, so you go one by one adding them to your watchlist. Well, from the social network they want to simplify this process to the minimum imaginable thanks to a single button.

Is about a kind of group follow-up of a user and a whole cohort of profiles that either meet similar requirements, or from the social network they understand that they belong to the same field of interest, either because they are economic, social, business, political, technological influencers, etc., or because they talk about them themes and they have in common some detail that we believe is important to our tastes.

For now in tests, to see how it ends

As you can see from the screen that you have just below, the idea is that once we find a profile that we find interesting, Twitter will add it to a larger group of users that might interest us to follow them at once by clicking on a single buttonn. This idea does not seem badly raised if we start from the basis that all those accounts that we will begin to follow interest us, but it is also true that some that we do not believe are important could slip into the pack.

Option to follow multiple users at the same time. Twitter

At the moment, this function is in the testing phase in the Android version, and those accounts that I would suggest to follow within a larger package would have to do with those of “relevant” profiles, in such a way that they all revolve around the same theme, hobby, etc. If you are very common on the microblogging social network, surely you are used to seeing, after starting to follow a user, that suggestions appear just below in case we want to add more.

What Twitter tries to do is eliminate that section and compact it within a module where many other accounts are offered in a pack. It is obvious, anyway, that the social network must have data that supports this new function So if you have detected that our natural inclination when adding a new account to our watchlist is to do the same with many others that are suggested just below, why not gather them all around a single click?

At the moment no date for a global deployment, also on iOS, so it will be necessary to wait for the trial period to end successfully. Or is it not a good idea?