Twitter will allow you to put any background when sharing a tweet on the Fleets

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Twitter Stories, the so-called Fleets, those contents that disappear within 24 hours of their publication, have fewer customization options than stories on Instagram, Facebook or other social platforms.

So far users can only choose a monochrome background when sharing a tweet in Twitter Stories

However, little by little, the company is adding new possibilities to create more attractive fleets. It is currently testing a new option that will allow users to add any background, both in still image and video in motion, when a tweet is being retweeted on a fleets.

This has been verified by the software developer Jane Manchun Wong, who has carried out an experiment analyzing the source code of the application and has managed to share a tweet through the Fleets and add an image or video as a background. You could also create a new one. In either case, this would add more context to the Fleet.

The success of the test means that Twitter is conducting internal tests to incorporate this functionality. So far, users can only choose a monochrome background, with a single color tone, when a tweet is shared through Stories.

Twitter has not officially confirmed that this experiment is being carried out, but one of its designers has published a message through her account on the social network in which she provides more details about the tests that are being carried out.

Thus, it has been known that when sharing a tweet in the Fleets, a new button will appear from which you can access the mobile camera or the reel of images saved in memory, to include that new image that will be displayed in the background to the share the tweet.

What neither the company nor the developer confirms is the moment when this new functionality will be launched, if it is officially launched. Everything will depend on the results of the tests that are being carried out. This function would be added to the recently released one that allows you to silence the responses by Direct Message to the Fleets.


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