Twitter will ask you to think twice about some answers

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It has happened to everyone who is a Twitter user: they have seen a comment on the social network that has made them lose their nerves and have wanted to answer in a bad way, or they have received a response with an insult or a lie and have not been able to hold back and responded in the same tone.

Twitter had already tested the functionality in May and August 2020

Irritability is a constant in the social network, but answering in an airy or inappropriate way can have serious consequences not only for the health of the conversation on Twitter, but also for the online reputation of the person who sent the message. In the case of companies, many 2.0 crises have their origin in a wrong answer.

For this reason, in order to promote the “well-being of the conversation” and avoid the posting of rude, disrespectful or harassing comments, Twitter has launched a test that it already carried out in May 2020 on iOS, and in August on Android and on the web, but that stopped and did not continue to perform. It also has a similar function when retweeting.

From now on, as Twitter has confirmed through a tweet in its official support account on the social network, the test is resumed and some Twitter users of the iOS app will see a warning message that will advise them to review the answer that they will give before publishing it on the social network.

Twitter will look at the language used in the response to determine if any term that may be considered rude or harmful is included, and will notify the user to “reconsider” before publishing the content.

Now the test does not extend to both iOS and Android as well as the web version, but starts, for the moment, only with iOS. In principle, it will be done in the English version of the social network, although it is unknown if it could also be shown to users who use Twitter in other languages.

We will have to wait for the results of this initial test to see if it is finally tested on other platforms or if the functionality is already officially launched.


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