Twitter will play YouTube videos automatically

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Until now, when you shared a YouTube video on Twitter, when you clicked on the link to watch it, you were redirected to the video application. However, Twitter has just announced that it is beginning to test a new functionality that will allow you to see the videos playing directly on Twitter, without having to leave the social network.

Twitter will not send the user to YouTube when he wants to see shared content from this video platform on the social network

At the moment it is only a test that is being developed with some users of the Twitter iOS app. It is unknown when the functionality will be active for all users of the social network, but it represents a step forward when it comes to consuming audiovisual content on Twitter -one of the company’s strategic priorities- given that once it is launched there will no longer be any to go to YouTube to see the videos that are shared on the social network.

The company itself has shared the news of the start of these tests in the official support account that it obviously owns on Twitter:

Thus, when a person you follow shares a YouTube video and you see that tweet on your timeline, you no longer have to click on it to go to YouTube and see the content. When the now-in-testing functionality is released, the video will automatically play on your timeline.

Twitter will thus differ from Facebook, where it is necessary to click and go to YouTube to see the videos hosted on this service, not so with those hosted on the social network itself, which do play automatically when passing over them.

WhatsApp, for its part, shows YouTube videos in a floating window, which allows not leaving the messaging app when clicking on a shared link of a video hosted on YouTube.


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