Twitter will show the images without cropping and with better quality

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Twitter is working on a new design that will change the way images are displayed on the timeline. The goal is to improve the viewing experience by not cropping images posted by users, as is currently the case. This will happen when a single image is published in a tweet, but apparently when several images are published they will continue to appear cropped, as before.

Twitter will show the images of the timeline in full size without cropping them as before

Twitter has confirmed through a tweet from its support account the work in this direction, relying on the “a picture is better than a thousand words” stated in the statement “sometimes [algo] it is best said with a photograph or a video ”. This is the tweet in which the change has been confirmed:

Now testing on Android and iOS: when you Tweet a single image, how the image appears in the Tweet composer is how it will look on the timeline –– bigger and better.

The announcement indicates that this update for both iOS and Android could be available within a few weeks. It would be one more of the novelties that the social network is including lately, such as the recently announced Super Follows, which will also be available soon.


The result in the publication of the tweet will be that the image will appear on the timeline with the same original appearance, and not as before, which appears cropped so that depending on the framing and composition the image may be distorted if the image is not accessed. corresponding tweet and the full-size photo opens. Twitter has an algorithm that selects which part of the image is the one to be shown in that cropped preview that appears on the timeline.

4K images on Twitter

Additionally, the announcement also includes the advance on the possibility of display 4K images, although with the warning that in order to enjoy the contents at such a high resolution, it will be necessary to activate the corresponding setting for high-quality images in the “Use of Data” section in the configuration.

Having higher quality means larger files and this could be a problem in mobile connections where data consumption can reduce the amount of data contracted or slow down the download speed.

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