Unboxing the LG Tone Free! See everything in the box of these headphones

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Brian Adam
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Let’s take a look at the LG Tone Free box! The packaging is simple, smooth surface and with a simple design. The interesting thing is in the corner of the cover, where we read that the UVnano charger case kills 99% of bacteria. I’ll go into more detail about this in a bit.

We turned the box to see the details on both sides and we noticed the QR codes to download the LG Tone Free app on Android and iOS. On the other side we find the name of the model, which is HBS-FN6 with the Meridian sound system. We also read that it comes with a double microphone, wireless charger, fast charging, waterproof with IPX4 protection and continuous playback time.

Now yes, at the bottom, we find a little more information about UVnano. It says here that the device kills bacteria on the speaker mesh of the headphones for ten minutes while charging.

And already on the back we see the list of everything that the box includes: the headphones, the USB charging cable, spare rubber bands and the user manual. Let’s see it with our own eyes.

We opened the box and we ran into the UVnano case. We look at it closely and see that it has here a fold to open the device, a status indicator light and the pairing button. More around we have the loading port.

We open the case and find the headphones. That violet light corresponds to the UV LED and below each of each earbud are the magnetic charging ports.

We took out the headphones to take a closer look at everything it offers. In addition to the grilles and microphones, the side of each earbud functions as a touch panel for taking calls and playing music. Keep in mind that there are more things to do with the headphones, but these functions are in the application, which will be analyzed in another video.

We put the headphones aside and go with the pacifiers, which are of different sizes. We also have the power cable here, which has USB Type C and Type A connection at each end. The extension of the cable is considerable. Finally, there is the user manual so that you are aware of every technical aspect of the headphones.

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