United Kingdom advances in the deployment of 5G networks

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Despite the difficulties, UK mobile operators are trying to get around the obstacles and accelerate the deployment of 5G networks in this region.

Companies like BT and O2 are trying to increase the number of 5G points in these locations. This, in order for its users to exploit the functions that mobile device manufacturers have been implementing on their computers.

Mobile operator O2 exceeds 150 locations in the UK

O2 indicates that it has more than 150 locations with 5G connectivity in the UK. Among which the areas of Bournemouth, Doncaster and Southampton stand out. As well as in “bigger cities like London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester.”

The company has stated that they are focused on meeting the “demand for greater capacity and reliability” so that all its users can connect to this network.

For its part, BT has added 13 new 5G points in the UK. Amount that brings the number of locations available to the company’s network to 125.

It also indicates that the deployment of 5G points is based on the number of inhabitants. For example, those “with a minimum population of 10,000 people”. Indeed, this network has doubled in the cities of Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

UK wants to consolidate 5G technology by 2027

The UK government has expressed its desire to achieve 5G consolidation by 2027. However, experts question this requirement, as they indicate that the ban on Huawei in this region delays progress.

The main UK mobile operators had contracts with Huawei. Therefore, their teams intended to use the technology of the Asian giant, However, given the ban, they have had to look for other alternatives.

As we have already mentioned, this situation could affect the objective of consolidating the network by 2027. A delay of up to three years is even forecast. In addition, at an additional cost of 2,600 million dollars (2,000 million euros). In this regard, BT adds that:

“… which will still be able to meet the 2027 deadline, but estimates suggest that deploying the 5G infrastructure without Huawei will require an additional £ 500 million ($ 630 million) for the company’s overall network.”

The truth here is that there are areas of the United Kingdom that still do not enjoy the benefits of 4G, and much less 5G. Will mobile operators also meet these requirements?


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