US sentences man to prison for buying chemical weapons

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The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) has condemned Jason William Siesser, a resident of Missouri, to 12 years in prison for acquiring chemical weapons that could have caused the deaths of many people.

It appears that Siesser had tried to buy two to three batches of road chemicals, which are highly toxic and therefore very dangerous. Prosecutors emphasize that only three units of 10 milliliters of those substances were enough to end the lives of “300 people.”

Siesser posed as a minor

The order for the toxic material was made online, for which Siesser posed as a minor when in reality he is a 46-year-old man. It even used BTC as a means of payment. The intention was clear “to use it soon”, according to the seller of the chemical.

Toxic Substance in stamp form

Fortunately, Siesser’s plans did not succeed. This is due to the collaboration of the merchant, who reported it to the police and in a covert operation they managed to catch him. Among the order of the recently sentenced, were 10 grams of toxic cadmium arsenide, 100 grams of cadmium and 500 ml of hydrochloric acid. Highly deadly compounds that would have wreaked havoc if it had been used.

“Anger and resentment over a breakup”

Silhouette of a couple located back to back

In the investigation process, the Department of Justice found that Siesser’s actions were indeed due to psychological problems. Specifically, they indicate that “the writings located within the home articulate Siesser’s pain, anger and resentment over a breakup, and the desire for the person who caused the death of the pain.”

For his part, the defendant accepted the charges and has pleaded guilty. Now he will spend 12 years in prison without the right to parole.

The Siesser case is one more example that online sales through dark webs are not good at all. In general, people who resort to it do so motivated by psychological problems or to carry out illicit activities.

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