Use your Fire TV Stick to watch series on TV as if it were a Chromecast

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Chromecasts are one of the best inventions of recent years and, although they have fulfilled a primary mission by offering the possibility of updating old televisions to watch series and movies from current platforms, a time has come when users ask for more, independent devices, with apps installed and remote controls to control everything.

To that new generation belongs the next Chromecast, or the Xiaomi HDMI dongle, as well as the device that Amazon has for similar tasks, the Fire TV Stick: it is capable of saving applications and working independently no need to connect a smartphone, tablet or computer remotely to send content.

The convenience of the touch screen

Now, all those advantages of these devices are lost when we have to be using a remote control that, we will all agree, becomes especially slow when we want to search for content on a platform, or switch between episodes quickly. In these tasks, the smartphone screen is unrivaled, so Cast Chromecast-style content is still an alternative to consider.

Share content on the Fire TV Stick.

If you own one of these Fire TV Sticks, you should know that the Amazon HDMI key is compatible with the old Google Cast (now Chromecast), so you can continue using the “send to …” function from any supported platform: Netflix, HBO, Disney +, of course Amazon Prime Video, etc.

To do it, You just have to repeat the same process as if it were a Chromecast so you only have to access the platform from which you want to send content (in this case Netflix), but also click on the icon at the bottom right of the home and choose from all the available devices the one that belongs to the television you are sitting in front of. After a few seconds in which both systems communicate and end up connecting, we can easily control the playback without having to touch the remote control of the Fire TV Stick.

It goes without saying that, if at any time, you want to re-control the playback of the Fire TV Stick with the remote, browsing its menus and installed apps, you can do it without problems, so that which you are broadcasting will stop instantly. Thus, even if you don’t have a Google Chromecast, you can still enjoy a feature that in recent years has gotten us all out of trouble when we did not have a modern Smart TV at home.