Valuables, the service with which you can sell your tweets

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In most social networks that we occupy today there are monetization options, but Twitter is not part of this group. While options for this are being developed, so far we can say that this is not the case yet. However, we have found a very interesting third-party solution, because it allows you to sell tweets.

Its name is Valuables and it is a system based on the blockchain that generates a certificate of digital ownership who buys the publication.

Time to sell your tweets

When we think about selling tweets, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is why would someone buy a tweet? We live in the age of content creators, people like you and me who are creating entertainment options on every platform. These people also manage to become well known by generating good material, however, the monetization of this material can be somewhat complicated. Therefore, various mechanisms have emerged to support them, as in the case of Patreon.

In this way, Valuables is just another way to support your favorite creators, this time on Twitter. This platform has users who publish valuable information, entertainment and general material, all kinds of content. Therefore, if you have one that you want to support or if you want to receive support, you can sell your tweets on Valuables.

The operation of the platform is simple and begins by putting a tweet up for sale. To do this, we will have to grant access permissions to our account, in order to ensure that we only sell our own publications. Then, everything will be a matter of inserting the link and clicking the “Tweet it” button to spread the ad.

Interested people will make offers of different amounts and the creator will have to accept whatever he wants. This will generate a digital certificate created on the blockchain, with a signature from the creator, indicating that the tweet belongs to you. With this, we acquire a piece of sentimental and even financial value because who knows? What was published by that user could acquire value.

The earnings are received in a cryptocurrency wallet, since the rewards are awarded in Ethereum. If you want to sell your tweets, follow this link.


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