Video Editing Programs: An Overview of Free Tools

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Get more out of your videos: Free video editing programs shorten videos, speed them up, improve colors and much more.

HToday almost everyone has the ability to take photos and videos. A stand-alone device is by no means required for this. A camera is usually also integrated in smartphones, tablets and notebooks. New clips are created accordingly often – but they are not always perfect right away. Good results can be clouded by wind noise, a picture taken the wrong way round, weak colors and contrasts, or unnecessary sections. Free video editing programs provide a remedy. We have looked at the freeware market and present you with some recommendations and full versions below.
HitFilm Express 2017: cut, dub, edit © COMPUTER BILD
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DaVinci Resolve: Free, good, extensive

DaVinci Resolve © COMPUTER IMAGE

DaVinci Resolve offers all functions for extensive video editing.

If you want to put your videos in the limelight, there is no way around fully equipped video software. In the photo gallery you will find numerous programs with which you can do more than just cut video clips and store music. Video editing programs such as DaVinci Resolve have already been used in Hollywood and impress with their wide range of functions. For example, you can adjust color, brightness, contrast and sharpness in every detail. If you want to get the best out of your recordings and can invest some time, you are right with such video editors. DaVinci Resolve offers Ultra HD processing, multicam editing, and 5.1 surround support.

Video editing with VSDC Free Video Editor

Cut out unnecessary parts from videos and more: no problem.
Cut out unnecessary parts from videos and more: no problem.

Other editing programs are more beginner-friendly and rely on ready-made effects and filters that are customizable. This saves time in video editing and still looks chic. With the VSDC Free Video Editor you can add lively transitions to your clips, apply color filters and corrections or add captions. Nice extra: With the integrated YouTube uploader, you can easily post your films on the video platform.

Open source video editor: Shotcut


For professional editing with the open source software Shotcut.

Shotcut is also a true all-rounder for video editing. The program is easy to use and offers various functions for video optimization: such as filters such as blur, mosaic, glow and waves. In addition, the software can be used to insert text, 3D text and images into your films and to animate photos.

HitFilm Express: Become a professional in no time at all


Cut, edit, dub and optimize videos with HitFilm Express.

With its extensive range of functions and simple operation, HitFilm Express is aimed at professional video cutters and amateurs alike. The software comes with basic functions for cutting, editing, dubbing and optimizing as well as more than 180 filters and effects. Additional effects and functions can be added with chargeable add-ons. Practical: When exporting, you can choose from presets for iPad, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. HitFilm Express has one small drawback, however: the program is only available in English.

Free professional tool: Lightworks

The professional software Lightworks was already used in the post-processing of Hollywood blockbusters.
The professional software Lightworks was already used in the post-processing of Hollywood blockbusters.

“Mission Impossible”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Shutter Island” and “Batman”, the reference list of the movie hits edited with Lightworks is impressive. Apart from that, the program impresses with its effective cutting tools and simple operation. You can easily drag and drop film sequences, audio tracks and effects into a timeline. With the free version you can create videos in HD resolution (720p).

LosslessCut: Plain and simple

With LosslessCut, you can cut and convert videos and music files quickly and easily.
With LosslessCut, you can cut and convert videos and music files quickly and easily.

If you just want to shorten a clip to the right length, LosslessCut is the right choice. By clicking on the scissors icon, the tool will trim your video to the desired length. The finished film can then be saved without any loss of quality. LosslessCut is just as easy to use for trimming audio files and as a video converter. Practical: the program is portable. This means that it can be started without installation, for example from a USB stick.

Windows Movie Maker: Underrated Classic

Clear and functional: the Movie Maker is sufficient for most work.
Clear and functional: the Movie Maker is sufficient for most work.

Windows Movie Maker has been one of the classics among video editing programs for years. The software offers a generous range of functions: You can remove passages in clips, speed them up, add music to videos and / or images and even free recordings from jerking. If inserted sound effects are longer than the video content, Movie Maker lets them fade out gently if necessary. Fans of special effects, for example, enable the video to fly in as soon as it starts. If you are looking for a more modern video editing program, you can use Movie Maker Free as a Windows 10 app. Even in the free version, the program offers very useful functions and updates itself via the Microsoft Store.

Video editing: the best freeware

Video editing is also very easy with special programs that only perform tight tasks, but with flying colors – and with even easier operation. SensArea , for example, takes on the normally complex motion tracking, which allows faces to be pixelated. With Subtitle Edit add a caption when a foreign language is spoken in the clip. The perfect YouTube video succeeds with the YouTube Movie Maker, which provides functions specially tailored to the platform. Supposedly mundane tasks, such as turning or cutting a video, can be unnecessarily time-consuming with the lavishly equipped complete packages. Special tools are usually the better choice here.

Create a Slideshow: The Best Free Tools

Merging images is also part of video editing. With the right software, you can create a great slide show in no time at all: you drag the images to the correct position and set the display duration and transition effects. If necessary, you can underline your slide show with the appropriate background music. Image editing tools are the ideal complement to video editing programs. Regardless of whether you want to combine pictures with other motifs or with videos: First improve your photos with special software! The free programs and exclusive full versions in the photo series perfect brightness and contrast, remove the red-eye effect and counteract other annoyances.
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