Vivaldi on Android is updated: graphical improvements and a built-in game to use even offline

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Vivaldi on Android is updated: graphical improvements and a built-in game to use even offline

Talking about browsers on Android may make us think almost hopelessly about Chrome. And despite how well known Google’s proposal is, there are many more options. There is Firefox, Edge (the new one based on Chromium, Opera, Dolphin … or as in this case Vivaldi, a browser originating from PC that also wants to gain a presence in the mobile market.

Now Vivaldi releases version 3.4 of its browser. A version that comes with some improvements in terms of the interface and that also bets on the more playful aspect by integrating an arcade game that we can use even in those moments when we do not have a network connection.

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The new version of Vivaldi arrives with availability for Android devices, mobiles or tablets, which have Android 5 or a higher version. Vivaldi with this update gets an improved design, so that users can see and choose between different layouts on the home page. The page, Speed ​​Dial, allows you to choose between three types of view.

Also, the new version comes with changes to the layout of icons and other menu items with the aim of making navigation more comfortable.


The other great novelty comes focused on the leisure aspect with the inclusion of Vivaldia, a CyberPunk-style game with arcade and pixelated air, following in the wake of the games that flooded arcade machines in the 80s.

Vivaldia is a speed game that allows you to play with a crosshead or directional pad on the screen and that also does not require being connected, so that we can continue playing even without having the Wi-Fi or data connection active.



  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Vivaldi Technologies
  • Download it at: Google play