Voting using an iPhone is an “absurd” idea

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Brian Adam
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We arrive in the middle of the week with a piece of news that will please some and displease others, and this time we are telling you about how an official of the US government. rated Tim Cook’s idea referring to voting using iPhone as an “absurd” idea.

As is known, Apple is strict when it comes to security, for this reason Apple CEO Tim Cook, mentioned to Americans the idea that they should be able to vote using an iPhoneBefore this pronouncement by Cook, the Secretary of State of Ohio, Frank LaRose, described this idea as “absurd”.

Recall that, in Georgia, a controversial voting law was passed, upon hearing this news, the CEO of Apple intervened saying that technology could be the key to facilitate voting. Also, in a interview with The New York Times, Cook suggested that smartphones could provide a solution to voting rights problems.

Given the pronouncement of Apple’s top boss, LaRose, who is Ohio’s director of elections, he argued that he “aggressively” opposes that idea. In his own words, he told FOX Business
“Not under my supervision. Not in Ohio ”
, “I think this is a classic example of one of these elites, who think they have a simple solution to a complex problem,” the secretary of state.

Regarding the reasons for this decision, LaRose presented some, maintained that a certain degree of “technological competence” is required, however, he admitted that even though the technology could exist in the near future, the use of this could be “more complicated than people think”.

LaRose mentions that, for example, election officials should be able to verify if a voter is “who they say they are” by using the multi-factor authentication. Additionally, the system would have to “prove” that the voter really was the one who had the device. He maintains that a paper trail for auditing purposes is a necessity as well.

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