Wassapeame, the application to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp

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snag 131e986b 640x390.png

By now, we are all familiar with the operation and use of WhatsApp. That is, if we want to send a message to someone, we know that we must go through the steps of saving the number and then looking for it in the list to start the chat. However, it is also possible to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp without the need to save the number in question.

To achieve this, we will take advantage of the functions of an application called Wassapeame that makes sending anonymous messages on WhatsApp a reality.

Anonymous messages on WhatsApp, without saving the number

As we have reviewed before, the process to write to someone on WhatsApp can be a bit long. Much more when it comes to a number to which we will not write frequently or to which we will communicate only once. This requires a mechanism that allows us to communicate more quickly. Likewise, if you need to cover your identity in the first instance, it is necessary to enable a mechanism for anonymous messages in WhatsApp.

However, this is something that we can find with the Wassapeame application. This app takes advantage of the WhatsApp API to help us communicate with anyone directly, without having their number on the agenda. In addition, when writing under this mode, your profile photo will not be shown, that is, you will go in anonymous mode.

The process to use Wassapeame is extremely simple and fast and begins with the installation of the app. Once incorporated into your team, run it and you will see that its interface consists of a field to enter the number and another to write the message. Do it, touch the send button and immediately, it will open WhatsApp with the active chat.

The recipient will not be able to see your profile photo, but will be able to reply normally. In this way, you will be able to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp and communicate with those people whose numbers you do not want to save in your agenda.

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