Watch out! Your WhatsApp groups appear on Google again and be accessible

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WhatsApp has been starring in some really worrying information for a week since, if last week we woke up with the new conditions of use in which the app itself warns that share data with third-party companies that use Facebook services (although the company says no, not in Europe), now an old controversy returns that we all thought was already, as they say, “dead and buried.”

Is about that indexing that Google does of the URLs of some groups that are created as an invitation in WhatsApp and that they already appeared publicly in view of any user who, with that information, is able to join them and, incidentally, gossip about what is being said and who is participating. Something that could make many profiles of the most used messaging application on the planet uncomfortable.

But wasn’t it already fixed?

Indeed, the latest news we have dates from 2019, when WhatsApp assured that this problem had already been resolved after complaints from some users who saw how they appeared published on the internet, and indexed by Google, links to some of their personal groups. A content that opened the doors wide to any user who wanted to get into a conversation that did not concern him.

your @WhatsApp groups may not be as secure as you think they are. WhatsApp Group Chat Invite Links, User Profiles Made Public Again on @Google Again. Story – https://t.co/GK2KrCtm8J#Infosec #Privacy #WhatsApp #infosecurity #CyberSecurity #GDPR #DataSecurity #dataprotection pic.twitter.com/7PvLYuM9xD

– Rajshekhar Rajaharia (@rajaharia) January 10, 2021

Well, as some users have reported through their social networks, this WhatsApp error / problem has occurred again. This has been highlighted Rajshekhar Rajaharia (@rajaharia), who denounces on his Twitter account that this security breach is still active and that with a link to one of these groups, anyone can sneak in and start spying on what we are talking about. And not only that: also know all our phone numbers and the photos of the profiles, even if the stalker does not have them stored in the phonebook of his device.

This access It is possible to do it from the web version of WhatsApp, so we could meet a new person within the chat and it would be very difficult to locate them in time. Especially in those cases of professional groups with many participants and in which the administrator would have to be aware of these potential threats, checking every few days that there are no onlookers spying. At this time WhatsApp has not declared anything about this problem that, as we indicated before, is not new and has been giving war to users of the app owned by Facebook for some time.

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