We tested Twitter Spaces and yes, it is very similar to ClubHouse

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In the last two weeks we have only talked about ClubHouse, a new audio chat social network that, although it was created a long time ago, is now when it is obtaining enormous repercussion, already reaching close to a million users and with its creators working to forced marches to launch the final version – at the moment, it is in beta phase – and to add new functions.

Twitter has its audio chat tool ready, which could be officially announced shortly

When we talked about it, we already commented that it was a social network very similar to the project that Twitter is developing And which is also in beta phase: Twitter Spaces, a place designed to communicate with other tweeters through voice chat. Twitter Spaces is also in beta, although in a very advanced stage of development.

In fact, this weekend we were able to attend one of the rooms in which Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter product manager and creator of Periscope, participated, among others. This allowed us to see up close what Twitter Spaces will look like and if they are certainly very similar to ClubHouse, even aesthetically. Here we show you some screenshots and comment on our experience:

Twitter Spaces

As can be seen in the image, in the upper Twitter navigation bar, where the Fleets -the Stories- of the users appear, when a Twitter Spaces audio room is being developed, the profile photographs of the participants are shown grouped and the number of people in the room is indicated.

By clicking on this button, some of the participants are shown in a pop-up menu like the one in the image above, and the button «Join this room» appears at the bottom of the screen. When you do this, the microphone is disabled, as is the case in ClubHouse. We will enter Twitter Space silenced, we will be able to listen to the speakers but to participate we will have to ask for permission.

Twitter Spaces screenshot

When accessing, we see all the participants in the room, identified according to their role. There is the host of the room, the “Speakers” (who have been enabled to speak) and the “Listeners.” At the bottom of the screen there is a button to request to speak. If pressed, you have to wait for approval from a moderator of the room.

On Twitter Spaces you can react with emojis to what the speakers are saying – something that ClubHouse still cannot and is missing – and you can also share that audio room by Direct Message with other users to invite them to join, or publish it through a tweet. In the same way, you can copy the link to this room to share it on other platforms.

While listening to room audio, you can continue browsing Twitter and perform other tasks. As shown in the following image, at the bottom of the screen are the Twitter Spaces audio room controls.

Twitter Spaces Screenshot

Certainly the services are very similar. ClubHouse has the potential for growth and to incorporate more and more functions, since it is an independent social network, not an integrated tool within a social network such as Twitter. But it is still curious how similar they are.

Could you think of a possible acquisition by Twitter and integration of ClubHouse as it happened in his day with Periscope? It makes perfect sense to think about it, but at the moment, there is no news about it and we do not know if the creators of ClubHouse would be for the work.

If you do not know ClubHouse, in this video we give you all the keys:


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