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Instagram has launched the “Live Room”, a feature that expands the possibilities of live broadcasts through Instagram Live, where until now you could only share a screen with one more guest.

We tell you all about the new “Live Room” of Instagram in the following video:

The new “Live Rooms” have been officially featured by Instagram and they are now available to all users who have been activated by the new tool. The social network is gradually carrying out the update process and is activating it equally to iOS users for iPhone or mobile phones with Android operating systems.

If you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed, you can already check if the social network has activated the function for you. If not, you will have to still have a little more patience and wait a few days. Supposedly, according to Instagram, it will be activated for the more than 1.2 billion users that Instagram has in the coming weeks.

As we tell you in the video, the new Instagram Live Rooms open up the possibility to be more creative during live broadcasts on Instagram, both personally and corporately. Now that up to three people can join at the same time during the broadcast (the broadcast creator and three additional guests), “round tables can be held to discuss a certain topic” or you can interview different users, changing and rotating so that many more people appear in the broadcast.

As in the rest of Instagram live shows, the maximum duration is 4 hours. In addition, the monetization options of the Instagram direct are also available in the “Live Rooms”, so that you can start, for example, charity collections or even make direct sales of products and services for followers.

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