What happens to your cell phone if you do not accept the new 2021 WhatsApp policies before May

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Have you already received the changes from Whatsapp? Attentive to the following. Its latest update allows you to change the color of the background of all your conversations to the tone you like, also, it is expected that the multi-device tool will be implemented soon so that you can open the app on any smartphone.

However, you will not be able to enjoy the news if you do not accept the new policies 2021 of Whatsapp that are again on the lookout for people who have not read them yet.

In order for you to continue using the app normally, the now Facebook company has once again sent an alert to several of its users around the world in relation to the new 2021 policies that will come into effect in May.

Among the most controversial points of Whatsapp They are in that very soon the app will be able to take part of your data, such as a cell phone number, to improve its advertising system on Facebook. Did you know?


Whatsapp has mentioned that it will not access your data or contact list, on the contrary, all your chats are encrypted in such a way that third parties can never read what you write or what you receive daily.

It also adds that it does not view what you share in your groups of Whatsapp. However, within the 2021 policies it explains that your cell phone number and certain basic data will be linked with Facebook to provide you with better advertising.

Do you know why you should accept the new 2021 WhatsApp policies?  Attentive to details.  (Photo: WhatsApp)
Do you know why you should accept the new 2021 WhatsApp policies? Attentive to details. (Photo: WhatsApp)

This fact has caused many to move to Telegram. However, if you continue using WhatsApp without accepting the conditions, all your conversations will be deleted as long as you stop using the app for another.

In such a way that if you have left the Facebook app and gone to another one with a similar feature, we tell you that your chats, videos, audios will be deleted after 120 days of inactivity.

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