What is “Swipe Up”?

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Swipe Up means sliding your finger up the mobile phone screen to perform an action in a social network. It is widely used, for example, on Instagram, where it is used to promote content, since it allows a visual link to be placed within any Story that the user creates.

Swipe Up is an easy way to send users directly to the web page you want to drive traffic to.

This functionality allows you to bypass the typical “link in the bio” message, and create promotional content in the Story itself, which by doing “Swipe Up” leads directly to the content web page, so the user has the possibility to direct traffic to the web page that interests you.

In this sense, not all Instagram users can perform the “Swipe Up”, since it is only available for those accounts that exceed 10,000 followers, which has caused some controversy among network users.

This limitation – one of many that Instagram has – is due to the fact that when Instagram began to test the functionality, it wanted to do so with the utmost caution, in order to control how it worked. However, after several years since its official launch, the company continues to limit its use to accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

How to activate «Swipe Up»?

The first thing, as already explained, is to exceed 10,000 followers and, in the case of accounts for companies, in addition to followers, they must also have a certified account. Those accounts that exceed them will be able to activate the «Swipe Up» by accessing the Stories screen, which appears when you slide the screen to the right or by pressing the camera-shaped icon in the upper left part of the screen.

Once inside the Stories section, you have to create the content, be it a photograph, a text on a background or a video. When the content is ready, an icon in the form of a link will be displayed at the top of the screen, through which to add a link to any web page within the Storie.

By including the link, any user who views that Story will be able to do a “Swipe Up”, sliding the screen up, to access the link’s web page.


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