WhatsApp adds a new purchase button: know what it works for

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WhatsApp It has been updated and has brought with it not only the possibility of activating the “vacation mode” and temporary messages, but it has also added a button that has attracted attention in some company chats: it is the icon to be able to buy online.

With this new tool, a diversity of small businesses will not only be able to post their catalog, but also have direct access to all the products they offer, the price, and the possibility for their customers to buy without too much difficulty.

When you see the buy button that looks like a house, depending on WhatsApp, it means that said person has a business.

Even if you press this icon, you will see not only the profile photo of the user’s business, but also access a complete catalog of the products or services it offers.

Later, if you press on a product of your interest, you will return to the main conversation and there you will start chatting with that person so that you can get more information about the specific product. How do I get the new icon for WhatsApp for shopping?

In this way, the WhatsApp catalog will appear when you press the buy button.  (Photo: MAG)
In this way, the WhatsApp catalog will appear when you press the buy button. (Photo: MAG)
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