WhatsApp and the trick to delete the message counter from your cell phone


Don’t you want to see how many messages WhatsApp You’ve received? The application continues to be a world leader. Despite having suffered a setback last January, after several downloaded Telegram, the app continues to be the leader in the fast messaging sector.

In the last days WhatsApp It has been updated bringing with it a diversity of functions such as the possibility of activating messages that self-destruct in 7 days if they are not read, as well as the function to listen to a voice message with greater speed.

But there are details that many people do not like about the Facebook app, for example, one of them is the message counter. How do I remove them from my cell phone?

This trick can also be useful if you use Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, among other applications where you receive notifications. You should only have WhatsApp and not download third-party apps that, many times, intrude on your conversations.


The trick is pretty straightforward. Besides having WhatsApp you must explore the Settings of your mobile. It should be noted that the steps are different on Android and iPhone. Here we leave them:

  • In the case of Android, you simply have to go to the Settings of your smartphone.
  • There you must go to the tab where it says Notifications and alerts.
  • When you enter you will see the tab that says notifications.
In this way you can prevent the WhatsApp message counter from showing on your cell phone.  (Photo: MAG)
In this way you can prevent the WhatsApp message counter from showing on your cell phone. (Photo: MAG)
  • Look for WhatsApp and deactivate the option so that you do not receive notifications and that’s it. You will have cleared the counter.
  • In the case of the iPhone go to the Settings.
  • Once inside, look for WhatsApp and there you will see an option that says Balloons and notifications.
  • When you log in, just deactivate balloons and you’re done. You will never see the red counter on top of WhatsApp again.

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