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WhatsApp announces the function of sale, payment and support to companies and businesses

Sell ​​and offer support through WhatsApp.
Whatsapp Announces The Function Of Sale, Payment And Support To

Sell ​​and offer support through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has an advantage over almost any other communication channel that we can imagine: there is an esya app installation in every pocket of those users who have a smartphone and to which they turn to check if there is news every few minutes. How many times can we look at the phone screen to see if someone has written to us? Now imagine having a window permanently open on such a tool.

To get a presence on WhatsApp around the world, there is the Business version of the Facebook app which is which allows professionals, companies and businesses to have a place in which to show what services and products they offer, even allowing direct sales or customer service support. Well, all those functions that, until now, were only available in beta versions, it seems that the time has come to make the leap to the final releases of both IOS and Android. So, at least, they have announced it from WhatsApp.

Purchases, payments and customer service on WhatsApp

Undoubtedly, the global pandemic in which we find ourselves has accelerated the need for many companies to digitize as soon as possible and WhatsApp has responded to that call by publishing news in everything that has to do with the relationship with the client. In this way, from the application they announce improvements that will gradually arrive in the coming months and that have to do with the possibility of making purchases through a simple chat that potential customers initiate with our store. There, users will be able to see everything we offer as well as close transactions by paying on the platform itself.

Sales and support tools through WhatsApp.
Sales and support tools through WhatsApp. WhatsApp

All this technological support may be provided by the so-called Facebook hosting services, which will allow professionals to manage “their WhatsApp messages” and make it easier for “small and medium businesses […] sell products, keep your inventory up-to-date and respond quickly to the messages they receive, wherever your employees are. “The goal is for mobile to become the center of the sales process in a fast, simple and intuitive way.

So that a company or business can carry out this work of digitizing part of its catalog in WhatsApp, It is necessary to have an account open in the Business version of the application and have the version that will allow adding new catalogs. It will be through it where the entire configuration process will be carried out although, later, the contact with the client will be carried out, directly, as if it were a simple chat that we have open with any other contact on our agenda.