WhatsApp announces the most anticipated function by fans of stickers

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It was time! One of the problems of Whatsapp It is the time you waste looking for the appropriate stickers for your messages, whether in individual or group chats. Luckily, there is a new feature for the instant messaging app to find your favorite sticker without having to go through your entire phone.

To search for a sticker in Whatsapp, users had to access the gallery, go to a specific collection and just look for the sticker that you want to share in your chats. There was no search engine that works by keywords, so this process had to be done always.

According to the official account of Whatsapp On Twitter, the platform will use a search engine to find the stickers very easily, as with GIFs.

WhatsApp announcement on Twitter
WhatsApp announcement on Twitter

The search for stickers is limited to those packages that the user has previously downloaded to their mobile. By entering a keyword, the system will reveal the stickers available on the mobile according to the indexed text.

Keep in mind that there are free and paid stickers. Both work for the new search engine of the application.

WHATSAPP | Force close the app

If you have a phone Android, access the menu Settings and click on the section Apps and notifications. Then, click on the section Application information, place in the list Whatsapp, enter the tab, press the button Force stop and confirm the decision.

The process in ios is more simple. Go to the menu Settings and click on the option Whatsapp, because all the apps on the phone are listed on the main screen. In the related options menu, disable the button Update in the background so that the application closes without continuing to update when not using it.

Keep in mind that you can configure Whatsapp following the same route so that it returns to have its factory settings. There are also cell phones that have the Do not disturb mode for users to disconnect from social networks.

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