WhatsApp could add buzzes like MSN Messenger

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The buzzes in MSN Messenger were used to maintain an active conversation with a contact, but could these reach WhatsApp?

WhatsApp hums MSN Messenger
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If you were one of the lucky ones who experimented with technology and the internet from the beginning of the century, surely you used the popular MSN Messenger. This was the first medium via the internet that allowed chatting with other contacts and that immediately revolutionized the way of communicating. And now, it is said that a function of MSN Messenger could reach WhatsAppthe buzzes.

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Created by Microsoft to be used on PC computers, MSN Messenger had some functions that served as the basis for creating current instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. Some of those features were animated emoticons, emojis that substituted words, add music in the states and the famous buzzes.

The latter fulfilled an important function; Get a contact’s attention when the contact stopped responding, but you still wanted to keep the conversation going. And as its name says, they caused the chat to appear first, buzzing and with a specific ring of attention.

WhatsApp hums MSN Messenger

This is how rumours have emerged that WhatsApp, by belonging to Facebook;  It could be developing a function similar to hum. This would be used primarily to get attention when someone lets you down or hasn’t responded after the two blue popcorn. An update that is said would come after some time.

The bad news is that these rumours about WhatsApp and possible buzzes are not new; A year ago the same was said and WABeta Info, the WhatsApp expert news portal, denied that this was happening.

“This is false news! No WhatsApp buzz feature is in development! ”


WABeta Info is the most reliable WhatsApp news account; since each new update, function or tool is the first portal to publicize the news. So if you say it is false information, then you have to believe it.

However, this does not eliminate the possibility that in the future the developers of the app will be encouraged by the buzzes of MSN Messenger; something that many users have asked for for a long time.

(Photo: MSN Messenger)

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It is known that among the new updates will be payments via WhatsApp, a new dark mode design and the possibility of connecting with several devices at the same time. All of which you can enjoy thanks to your Amigo Kit and the unlimited social networks that it provides, as well as #LaRedDeTusEmociones

But tell us, would you like the buzzes to come to WhatsApp and relive old memories?

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