WhatsApp explains how it will protect the privacy of its users after new 2021 policies

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The new 2021 policies of WhatsApp They have not only brought a change in the rules of the game of the app for this year, but also an exodus of users knowing that from February 8 some data will be shared with Facebook. Given this, Telegram and Signal took the attention (and download) of many by presenting themselves as safe options in terms of privacy both on iOS and Android.

What happened in the last few days caused the messaging application to issue a release to board “Rumors and be 100% clear: we continue to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption”, detailing that with the recent ‘Terms of Service’ they will not change that or affect the “Privacy of your messages with friends or family”.

In the image you can read the explanation of the main doubts of the users:

What information of my WhatsApp will Facebook know

With this message, the application made it clear that WhatsApp neither Facebook They can read your private messages or access shared locations because “They are always private and end-to-end encrypted”, but yes data such as contact list, location (different from real-time location shared with other users), in-app purchases, usage data and other metadata that will be shown to Facebook for commercial purposes, that is, to do business or purchase options.

The communication of the instant messaging app also refers to the contact list. It is claimed that only “Uploads to WhatsApp servers, but is never shared with Facebook”as well as status updates, which “They remain private because they are end-to-end encrypted and only people you choose from your privacy settings can receive and view them”.

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