WhatsApp explains how its new policies work

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For days, through social networks, there has been a lot of speculation about the new WhatsApp policies. A situation that has led millions of users to join other platforms. Well, people fear that their personal information will be shared with other Facebook services.

WhatsApp, indeed, has announced that its measures will come into effect on February 8. Even the network has already been sending notifications to its users so that they are prepared.

But, what are the new WhatsApp policies?

The platform has said that the update is aimed at business profiles. Note that the new policies do not apply to personal accounts. This “does not affect in any way the privacy of the messages that users share with their friends and family.”

Likewise, the company emphasizes that although the new policy is aimed at companies, it “is optional and provides greater transparency” regarding the way in which they collect and use user data.

WhatsApp cannot see or hear your conversations

WhatsApp has said that it cannot read your conversations or listen to your calls. Neither do other Facebook platforms. “Whatever you share, it remains between you.” The company maintains that end-to-end encryption is maintained, meaning that your chats are protected.

“We will never weaken this security and we clearly label each chat so that you know our commitment,” argues WhatsApp.

It also adds that they do not keep a record of the contacts that each person calls or messages. Since managing more than 2 billion users “would imply a risk for both privacy and security.” In addition to this, the messaging platform claims that it cannot see the location shared by its users.

So what does WhatsApp access when we grant it permission? Enter our phone book to see our contact list to “make the messaging process fast and reliable.” In addition, it does not share contact lists with the other applications that Facebook offers.

WhatsApp wants its users to communicate easily and clearly

The company indicates that the business accounts are different. They require “hosting services to manage your communications,” such as answering questions and sending useful information, as well as purchase receipts.

It also indicates that the “Facebook brand commercial functions” allow stores to display their content directly on WhatsApp so that people “can see the items available for sale.”

In addition, the user with a business account will be able to personalize their Store according to “the purchase activity to personalize the experience with the stores and the advertisements that each user sees on Facebook and Instagram.” One way to attract more customers. These functions are optional. Whenever you select them, WhatsApp will tell you how it shares your data with Facebook.

In conclusion, if your account is personal, the new WhatsApp update will not affect you. Now, if you are a business user, yes.

Although Facebook has explained how this measure applies to its messaging service, the redilad is that many people are opting for other platforms. How will it all end? It is the great question that remains.

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