WhatsApp explains what will happen if you do not accept its new rules

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WhatsApp confirmed last week that the changes provided in its Terms of Use will take effect on May 15 and that all users must accept them. The company has now tried to explain more forcefully what these planned changes consist of, which should have entered into force on February 8, but which after the uproar raised -with migration of users to other platforms such as Telegram and Signal- were even delayed.

WhatsApp ensures that the changes only affect companies that communicate with their customers through the messaging app

However, the company had not explained what will happen to those who do not accept the changes to the conditions of use as of May 15 officially. Apparently WhatsApp has contacted some partners to point out that it will ask users to accept the new privacy policy if they want to continue to use the instant messaging application with all its functionalities, but until now there was no official confirmation.

But now WhatsApp has updated the Questions and Answers page for users, in which it has included a section that expressly explains “what will happen on that date.” WhatsApp clarifies that it will not delete the WhatsApp accounts of users who do not accept the new terms of service, but admits that they will not be able to use WhatsApp in the way they do today.

«If you have not accepted the privacy policies by then, you will not have the full functionalities of WhatsApp until you accept it. During a period of time you will be able to receive calls and notifications, but you will not be able to read or send messages from the application.

Why does WhatsApp say “for a period of time”? Because users who do not accept the new conditions of use will be considered “inactive users”. This means that according to the conditions of use of WhatsApp, which establishes that accounts are deleted after 120 days of no activity, Yes there would be a deletion of the account despite what was initially stated by the company.

What would not be deleted would be the data – conversations, photographs, videos … – that the user had in his WhatsApp conversation history, since all that information is stored on the mobile device until he deletes the WhatsApp application, even if his account had been deactivated. According to WhatsApp, this deletion after 120 days is done to maintain the privacy and security of users.

WhatsApp remembers in any case that changes in its conditions of use affect only companies that have a relationship with their customers on WhatsApp, and that personal users who use the application with their family and friends are not affected by the changes. Therefore, it urges all users to accept the new Terms of Use in order to avoid problems and have to stop using some of the application’s functionalities.


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