WhatsApp, finally, will allow you to silence chats forever, you know how?

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Surely it has happened to you on some occasion, that you have run to silence a group of those in which everyone writes at all hours, which are a real drag, and that entering the menu has only offered you a year of relief and rest so you have thought that of “alone?”. Indeed, in such extreme situations, it is not understood that WhatsApp has not had the option to permanently mute for a long time.

But that is going to change and soon, the messaging app will allow us to silence any chat ad aeternum, forever, to avoid having to be aware of when the quiet period ends every 365 days. And it is that the option of “1 Year” that we all carry right now on the smartphone is going to disappear, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Three options remain

As reported by colleagues from WABetaInfo, it seems that WhatsApp has not wanted to complicate life and, instead of adding one more option, what they have done has been to substitute one for another. That is, the current “1 Year” will be renamed “Forever” (“Always” in English) in such a way that that chat is silenced from that moment with no expiration date.

New permanent ‘mute’ function. WABetaInfo

This change has been seen in version of the Android beta, and It is also located within the “Silence” options that we access by clicking on the group name or contact, at the top. A change that many users have been waiting for for a long time, especially for those cases in which the bustle of messages and dispensable content (memes, jokes, videos, etc.) exceeds the threshold of what we can bear.

Parallel to this change, evidence has also appeared that those verified profiles belonging to companies with activity in the application, they can eliminate the way to contact them thanks to a voice or video call, in such a way that support or advice only occurs through the WhatsApp chat itself.

Elimination of calls in verified chats. WABetaInfo

In the screen that you have just above you can see how lNetflix account, which is verified thanks to a green check next to the name, has already disabled the icons access to voice and video calls, leaving the user the only alternative to write. As always, all these changes are in the works and hopefully they will reach final releases in the coming months.