WhatsApp guide to send videos without losing image quality


If you work with audiovisual material, you will most likely have problems sharing videos through WhatsApp. What the system does is reduce the quality of the images so that it reaches the destination without problems. However, there is a way that the images do not look pixelated and you will not need to download a third-party application.

The trick is to send the video in WhatsApp as if you were sending a document. In this way, the material that will be transferred through the chat will be the original file and not the video compressed by the system. It must be taken into account that the latter happens so that the download and playback of videos does not harm the data rate of the users.

Keep in mind that the following instructions work for both the mobile and desktop versions, so you can send original files no matter what device you are on.

WHATSAPP | Send videos without losing quality

  • The first thing is to open the chat in WhatsApp and click on the clip icon to display the available transfer options.
  • The menu will show several options such as Audio, Contact, Location … The error is to click on Gallery, because this will activate the automatic compression of the system. What you should do is click on the Document option, which recognizes both doc files. like mp3, mp4 and other audiovisual formats. Of course, the detail is that there will be no automatic playback in the chat.
  • Now you must search among your files for the video you want to share. The browser will be the one that your cell phone has by default, so you may not find your video so easily. We recommend that you click on the other files option to browse the cell phone files.
  • WhatsApp will show a window in which you must confirm the sending of the file. To do so, simply click on Send after checking that it is the material you were looking for.
  • WhatsAppthen it will send the file to the person for download. Unlike the Gallery option, you will not be able to edit the video, otherwise the original file will be sent without any modification.
  • The recipient will have to resort to an app to play the video, because WhatsApp did not send the video as a media file. In case you receive material like this from unknown people, we recommend that you do not download it, because it would be malware.

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