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WhatsApp: How to activate the Hidden Mode and no longer appear ‘Online’

Whatsapp How To Activate The Hidden Mode And No Longer Appear
Whatsapp How To Activate The Hidden Mode And No Longer Appear

WhatsApp offers the possibility of being unnoticed within the app, hiding the ‘Online’, ‘Typing’ and even double-checking with this trick.

WhatsApp how to activate Hidden Mode
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WhatsApp It is without a doubt the most used instant messaging app in the world, which is updated year after year bringing with it new features and benefits. However, many of them are hidden and very few manage to take advantage of them.

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One of these functions seeks to solve one of the biggest problems that its users face daily: privacy. For this there is the “Hidden mode”, with which you can deactivate your last connection, the “Online”, he “Writing” and even the blue popcorn or the double-check.

For this there are many alternatives and options, some with the help of external apps and others with settings and tricks within WhatsApp that we share with you here; taking advantage of that with your Friend Kit you have unlimited social networks and the best connectivity to #LaRedDeTusEmociones

How to activate the Hidden Mode from WhatsApp?

If what you are looking for is more privacy in your chats, but without filling your memory with new applications; what you have to do is disable the last connection and the blue popcorn. This is done in a couple of steps:

  • Enter the menu of Adjustments.
  • Choose the option Bill and select Privacy.
  • Once there, turn off the switch that says “Read confirmations” and ready.

And now, to not appear as connected or “Online”; you must let the messages reach you WhatsApp and when reading them, deactivate your data and Wi-Fi. So you can give yourself all the time to reply and even delete messages without them realizing that you sent them.

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Another of the easiest ways to “hide” on WhatsApp is to activate Airplane mode on your smartphone; does not require any installation and you can also read your messages without appearing “Online”.

How to watch a video from WhatsApp and not appear “Online”?

The videos and audios are a whole topic since to see and listen to them you need to be “Online”. However, with this trick it will no longer be like this:

  • Enter WhatsApp and go to the menu Adjustments
  • Choose the option Data and storage and select where it says Automatic download
  • You will have to choose mobile data, Wi-fi or both and select Video. And ready.

In this way, all multimedia content, including videos, will be downloaded to your phone’s gallery; without having to open WhatsApp and appear connected.

How to listen to a WhatsApp audio and not appear “Online”?

Now it’s time for the audios of WhatsApp since unlike videos, these cannot be downloaded. To listen to them without appearing “Online” It is very simple; just disconnect your mobile data, Wi-fi or activate the Airplane mode as in the previous Hidden Mode, and voila.

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Take advantage of your WhatsApp widget!

Another great trick to activate Hidden Mode is to install the widget. WhatsApp; which is very easy to use, but that very few have known how to take advantage of.

  • Make space on the main screen of your smartphone
  • Press the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds until the option appears Widgets
  • You will have to press and hold on the conversation you want to have as direct access or with all of them and place them on the screen.