WhatsApp: how to hide or choose who can see my profile?


Those who use WhatsApp on a daily basis should know that when someone talks to you or has access to your phone number, they may have information from your profile. For example, if a delivery person speaks to you through the application, they will know all the details of your profile. For this reason, Facebook, the company behind the app, has made privacy tools available to you.

Did you know that you can prevent some people from accessing your profile? Even the application allows your photo to be hidden from certain contacts. Next, we share the steps to improve your privacy.

How to hide my profile for some contacts?

First of all, make sure your WhatsApp application is up to date. Next, open the app and press the ‘Settings’ option, there you must enter ‘Account’ to make all the changes you want to your profile.

You will enter a menu with the following alternatives: ‘Privacy’, ‘Security’, Two-Step Verification ‘, among others. The one we will use now is the privacy one. At the top of the new menu you will find an option for ‘Profile photo’.

This is where you can configure who can see your photo between ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’ and ‘Nobody’. You can also change who can read your profile description; as well as, give privacy to your states.

How to hide my profile for some contacts?  (Photo: Capture)
How to hide my profile for some contacts? (Photo: Capture)
How to hide my profile for some contacts?  (Photo: Capture)
How to hide my profile for some contacts? (Photo: Capture)

WhatsApp: steps to use the content search engine for chats

Via WhatsApp, millions of users send many messages daily: we share thousands of important messages and you may wonder if you can easily review chats to retrieve messages. Has it ever happened to you that they send you important information, but you can’t find it when you need it most? Well, in a very simple way you can find elements of your conversations if you remember part of the sent text. Learn how to use the internal chats search engine.

First of all, you should know that the application does not keep a record of your chats in the cloud or share their content, everything is encrypted. A third party can only access this content if they go directly to your account or take your cell phone.

On the other hand, it is important to know that you cannot recover and search for messages that have been deleted by the sender. Finally, if you migrate your WhatsApp account from Android to iOS, you will not be able to recover the messages.

How do search engines work on WhatsApp?

There are two kinds of search engines in the WhatsApp application. The first one is visible on the main screen, it will help you find the contacts and their respective conversations, it also works for groups.

However, there is an internal search engine in each chat. To access the latter, it is necessary to enter the application and then enter any chat. Once there you must press the name or phone number at the top.

A menu will open in which you can configure various elements of the conversation, such as viewing shared files, silencing it, changing the wallpaper and there is also a tool called “Search in chat”.

By pressing that option, you will return to the chat but with a new interface. The keyboard and a search bar at the top will be activated. There you must write part of the message you want to find or a keyword.

All the matches will come out and you will have to search chronologically for the message in question.