WhatsApp: how to protect your privacy from app changes

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February is presented as the month in which the terms of service and security policies that were announced through a statement that reached the WhatsApp of millions around the world. This news generated great alarm. While some gave it ‘accept’ without reading, others refuse to do so for fear that the data will be shared with Facebook. Given this, we bring you some tricks to ensure the privacy of all your conversations in the messaging application.

The controversy is due to the fact that the new policies state that the information that users store will now also be available to companies that belong to Facebook (Facebook and Instagram social networks), that is, the telephone number, contact list, location, frequency of communications and even how one interacts within the ‘app’ by sending or receiving photos, videos, audios or documents.

How to protect privacy

Whether you have installed WhatsApp On your iPhone or Android, you have to take some precautions to avoid showing certain information or having your contacts discover everything you are doing. This is what you can do.

1. Hide the last time you opened the app

WhatsApp Shows the last time each person logged in to view received messages. This appears below the contact’s name.

To not show that information you have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Last time and change the option that appears by default ‘All’ to only show ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’.

2. Who can see your profile

That only some of your contacts see your profile picture is also something that you can manage from WhatsApp. For this you must go to Settings> Account> Privacy and switch from ‘Everyone’ to ‘My Contacts’ or ‘Nobody’.

This can be done so that they do not see your status or information, yes, each action must be executed separately.

3. Double blue check

To find out whether or not someone has read a message, the best way is to observe the blue double check, but it is also an option that can be modified to protect your privacy.

In WhatsApp a single gray check indicates that the message was sent successfully. Two gray checks mean that “the message was delivered to the recipient’s device” and the double blue check shows that the recipient opened the message you sent.

In Settings> Account> Privacy You will find the option ‘Read receipts’ that is always activated by default. This can also be modified and, as the app itself indicates, “if you deactivate read receipts, you will not be able to see others'” and “group chats will always receive read receipts.”

4. Block contacts

To protect your privacy in WhatsApp you can make this decision. You just have to enter the conversation, click on the name of the contact and find the option ‘Block contacts’. Press and go.

To find out with whom you performed this action, you must go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Blocked contacts and there you can also unlock whoever you like. This way you will not receive messages, calls or status updates from that contact, nor will they see your information.

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