WhatsApp in danger? Clubhouse has come up with this new proposal

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Brian Adam
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Tremble Whatsapp, Instagram, Zoom and TikTok? Clubhouse is an application that has gained popularity in recent weeks among those who debate freedom of expression and privacy.

Club House, Unlike Whatsapp or other popular apps, it allows people to meet in audio chat rooms to discuss different topics. Elon Musk, Ai Weiwei, Lindsay Lohan and Roger Stone are some of the figures who already use this application.

Yes OK Whatsapp you already have the audio notes and video calls, Club House space is opened as the application that offers audio as the main source for communication between users, instead of text and photos.

Yes indeed, Club House not as accessible as Whatsapp: You can only access the innovative application through an invitation. There are even those who sell the coveted invitations on eBay for $ 89.

The application Club House it became a trend when people looked for ways to connect with each other during the pandemic. Cases of harassment against women and Afro-descendants have been reported, which is why the system has a “blocking” function so that users have more control over their rooms.

How to permanently delete WhatsApp account?

  • Enter the application Whatsapp.
  • Press the Menu button at the top.
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Once there, another menu will open with the details of your profile. Press there the option of ‘Account.
  • At the bottom you will see the option to ‘Delete account’

Just accept the warning and your account will be deleted. Remember that the message history, all the groups you created and the Google Drive backup will be deleted.

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