WhatsApp is not welcome! This country recommended to leave the app and move to this other

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Turkey is clear with WhatsApp and its new privacy policies. The authorities recommend uninstalling the messaging application to end “digital fascism”.

“Applications of foreign origin contain significant risks to the security of our data. We must protect our data with local software developed for our needs “noted the Office of Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on Twitter. about the intentions of WhatsApp to share the data of its users with Facebook and allied companies.

Turkey recommended that its citizens leave WhatsApp to download a similar application developed by locals, and announced that the groups of WhatsApp The authorities will go to a new app, owned by the Turkcell mobile company, a company of which the Turkish state owns 25%.

The reaction of the Turkish government is due to the following conditions that WhatsApp will impose on its users in 2021:

WHATSAPP | Text Formats

WhatsApp offers a solution without the need to resort to third-party applications. There are five different fonts to customize the typography and thus make your texts read more easily: bold, italic, bold italic, strikethrough and monospaced.

  • Bold :  put an asterisk (*) before and after each message without spaces, example * text *
  • Italic :  place underscores (_) before and after each message without spaces, example: _text_
  • Bold italic : put an asterisk (*) and an underscore (_) before and after each message, example: * _text_ *
  • Strikethrough : put a tilde (~) before and after each message, example: ~ text ~
  • Monospaced : put three back quotes (`) before and after each message, example:` “ text“`
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