WhatsApp launches new stickers about vaccines

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WhatsApp has just made available to users a new package of stickers called “Vaccines for all” or “Vaccinations for all”, in English. These new stickers, which can now be used by both users of WhatsApp for Android and those who use the application for iOS, have been created by the instant messaging application in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The new stickers are now available for both iOS and Android users

The goal of these new stickers is for users to have a more creative way to share the joy, relief, and hope that the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines brings. Many users update their status or send their vaccinated photos to their family and friends through the instant messaging tool, and now they can do so by adding these personalized stickers to express happiness or gratitude towards healthcare professionals, among other emotions.

These are the new stickers that are already available from today. To use them, you just have to search for “Vactions for all” in the WhatsApp sticker search engine.

covid vaccination stickers

Coronavirus Resource Center on WhatsApp

The launch of these new stickers is part of the measures that WhatsApp is carrying out to offer help lines about the pandemic to its more than 2 billion users. To do this, the instant messaging application collaborates with more than 150 national, state and local governments, and with organizations such as WHO and UNICEF, with the aim of providing accurate information to users through its resource centers on the coronavirus.

In some countries, such as Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and India, citizens can consult, privately, information about vaccines and how to register to receive them through these resource centers established by WhatsApp, thanks to the collaboration with local governments.

To encourage more governments and international organizations to use this resource and provide more information to users, WhatsApp has also announced the elimination of the charges that apply for sending messages through the WhatsApp Business API.


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