WhatsApp launches two novelties to make purchases and sell products

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WhatsApp has become a fundamental tool for customer service in many businesses, a kind of question and answer service where users can send questions about products and where sales can be managed by companies.

WhatsApp has more than 8 million product catalogs created by companies

To improve the way companies use WhatsApp to sell their products, the company today announced two updates to its shopping tools within the messaging app. They are as follows:

-Management of a catalog from WhatsApp web / desktop: There are currently more than 8 million business catalogs on WhatsApp that users can view to find products they would like to buy.

It is easier for companies to display the products they offer through these catalogs. The novelty is that these can now be created and managed directly from the WhatsApp web / desktop, instead of only from the mobile phone.

Thus, companies will be able to manage their stock and add new items and services more easily from the computer, a tool used mainly by many merchants and SMEs in their establishments. This will also be very useful for those who have businesses with large inventories, such as restaurants or clothing stores, since they will be able to manage them from a screen larger than that of their mobile phone. This feature is now available to all users of the WhatsApp Business app.

-Hide unavailable items: The other great novelty that the company has presented affects the carts on WhatsApp, which were launched at the end of last year, and which allow you to send the order to the business through a single message.

This is very convenient, but I had a problem: what happens if a message is sent with the order but the store is out of stock? To solve this, WhatsApp today launches an easy way to inform customers of what is available at the time, and thus avoid receiving orders for items that are not available or that are out of stock.

Until now this was not available, but today the option to ‘hide’ specific items from the catalog is launched and easily redisplay them when they are back in stock or available to customers.


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