WhatsApp: new attacks through SMS to steal users’ accounts

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Surely if you follow us daily, you will have verified that one of our main mantras is safety: that if it is necessary to shield our important accounts with the greatest possible number of measures that each application allows us, that if it activates this, the other or the beyond. The messaging application is the most used in the world, who has the most and who has the least WhatsApp, so much of our life and social relationships are within this application.

A difficult app to hack, since the messages are encrypted at both ends. For that reason, whoever wants to spy on our chats, if he is close or close to us, could try to take our mobile and enter to see the chats of the app in the terminal. But there are security filters that we can add so that whoever tries to enter our mobile can be caught quickly, and with nothing less than a photo.

But according to reports from the security expert company Panda Security, in recent months an increase in attacks to steal WhatsApp accounts through several SMS has been detected.

Phishing also on WhatsApp

Hacked WhatsApp WhatsApp

As Panda Security explains, cybercriminals send a first message via WhatsApp itself to their victim, in which they pose as the company’s technical support team. In the text, they indicate that someone has recently registered a WhatsApp account with the same phone number as the victim, with what could be “an illegitimate login”. In order to “confirm” that the person they are talking to is the owner of that account, cybercriminals ask you to resend a security code that you will receive in a few minutes via SMS.

If the victim sends that code to the cybercriminals, completely lose control of your account and you are handing your username to attackers. Cybercriminals can communicate with the entire contact list of the victim without anyone being suspicious.

Hackers send everyone on their agenda a WhatsApp message telling them that they have problems with their account and that they have requested a security code on WhatsApp so that they can forward it to them. In this way, just by stealing access to a WhatsApp account, attackers can take over many others in a viral way.

“This is a very intelligent attack, because cybercriminals use the company’s own security measures to turn them into a vulnerability,” highlights Hervé Lambert, Global Consumer Operations Manager at Panda Security.

Everybody wants to hack WhatsApp

If you search in Google: “how to hack whatsapp” you will get more than 2.5 million results in less than 0.4 seconds. This very high number of pages reveals that there are many people who try. It is a crime against privacy that can carry penalties of between one and four years in prison.

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