WhatsApp Plus: how to activate self-destructing messages in seconds


Do you want to send a message to someone? Several years ago we no longer used the classic text messages, but WhatsApp. Through the fast messaging application we can chat with our loved ones, even without leaving home or being connected to Wi-Fi.

Wherever we are, just by having the contact’s number on our mobile device, we can chat without time limit and totally free at WhatsApp.

But there are certain functions that have not yet reached the official application, for example the tool to be able to change the color of the app is not yet found, nor is the function to be able to hide the famous “writing” or “online”.

That is why a large number of users have decided to download WhatsApp Plus, an alternative app to the Facebook app with which you can not only activate the aforementioned functions, but also the messages that self-destruct.


For this you must always have WhatsApp Plus installed and from there have to chat. Although the application is full of advertising, for those who want to try new features this is not an inconvenience.

  • The first thing you should do is install WhatsApp Plus on your cell phone.
  • You can download the fully updated APK on any page of your choice.
In this way you can have messages that self-destruct in WhatsApp Plus.  (Photo: MAG)
In this way you can have messages that self-destruct in WhatsApp Plus. (Photo: MAG)
  • At that time, log in your phone number and receive the verification code.
  • When you enter, go to WhatsApp Plus Settings.
  • There you should go where it says General settings.
  • In that section go down to where it says Self-destructive Message.
  • With this, every time you write to someone, and have the tool active, your message will self-destruct when they read it.

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