WhatsApp shows how it will download messages on more than one device

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It is one of the most desired functions by WhatsApp users almost since its launch, that we can use our account on more than one device if, for whatever reason, we need to carry a different mobile every day and another on weekends, or it just seems easier for us to write and answer what they send us from a tablet.

But you know how the Facebook people spend it, For certain improvements things are thought so much that each new detail is diluted among a sea of ​​beta versions of both iOS and Android. Fortunately, a few hours ago, we had access to a publication of the WABetaInfo colleagues where you can see what the message download window will be like.

Multiple devices for a single account

Since it was announced more than a year ago, There have been many doubts about where all the messages we receive from WhatsApp would be stored. Right now, it is our phone that physically saves them in its memory, so the web versions work as a mirror of the activity of our device. But taking the step that an iPad or, perhaps, another smartphone, have our account happens because all the recent activity is at hand on a server.

Message loading screen on new devices. WABetaInfo

Precisely, a few hours ago, WABetaInfo colleagues have published what that screen will be like on which WhatsApp will show us that messages are being downloaded from a location that, from the graphics used, seems to refer to the messaging platform itself. Not in vain, the icon that appears is that of the app and not that of another device that we have linked to our phone number. Be that as it may, this version 2.2037.3 of WhatsApp for Android already seems to have that cross-platform option very advanced.

New call and document icons

Another novelty that this beta brings is the arrangement of the call and video call buttons, and to one side the search magnifying glass, plus a control that displays a submenu. WhatsApp wants to rationalize the space of certain parts of the app, and one of them will be the upper right part of the chats, both group and individual.

New call icons and controls. WABetaInfo

By last, You can see important changes in the icons that allow us to attach some type of content to send it by chat, be it a live conference (Messenger), a contact from the calendar, a text document or compatible file (PDF, etc.), as well as photos and videos, either from the mobile gallery or from the camera.