WhatsApp: So you can send messages without touching the screen of your cell phone

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Without hands! You only have to say a few words out loud for your cell phone to write and send a WhatsApp message.

Chatting with our friends can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it may be a bit slow to answer multiple chats at the same time. So today we share the secret to save time and be able to write WhatsApp messages using only voice commands. Sounds very interesting, right?

answer messages without hands

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How to send WhatsApp messages with a voice command?

This trick will be very useful when you are cooking, walking, working or you just have your hands full; since just by giving a voice command, that is, a command out loud, you can reply to your WhatsApp messages. Find out how it works.

answer messages without hands

To be able to answer chats without touching your phone, you will need the Google Assistant tool, which is already pre-installed on Android devices and can also be downloaded from Google Play .

Once installed, follow these steps:

  • Say “Ok, Google” on the main screen
  • When the assistant responds, say: “Send a WhatsApp to (name of the contact whom you want to send)” and dictate the message you want.
  • Confirm the shipment and voila!
  • So easily you will send your response or a new message just by ordering it to your cell phone.

answer messages without touching the cell phone

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You can also try a similar trick on iOS devices with the help of Siri.

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