WhatsApp updates its Android ‘app’ to add advanced search

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Although WhatsApp still has many new features to offer and that are being seen almost daily in its beta versions, as is the case of being able to use it on several devices, it seems that those on Facebook want to add all these news calmly and in a certain order, putting the necessary tools first so that later it is possible to delve into other more complex functions. And the search was one that certainly had a somewhat spartan finish and functionality.

Although in recent months it has improved with the inclusion of search criteria by type of content, be it texts, images, videos, GIFs, links, files, audio notes, etc., it seems that it is not enough and that is why They have started updating their Android application to put in our hands what they have called “advanced search”, and that is nothing more than a quick way to narrow down what we want to find thanks to the possibility of introducing contacts and chats into the formula.

Advanced to be faster

Until now, those searches carried out by the application were carried out in a generic way, without allowing the selection of the contact or the chat in which what we want to find could be found. Now, thanks to this update that WhatsApp has just announced on its Instagram account, the criteria can be used independently of the chats, so it will be easier to search if we remember who sent us what.

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We’ve made it easier for you to search through all your media (photos, GIFs, links, videos, documents, audio) on WhatsApp. You can now search for a specific contact, then choose the type of media and add keywords to more powerfully look through past chats and messages.


As usual, there will be content that escapes us from that search, although it will be more due to our lack of memory than due to an error in the WhatsApp engine, that attends to much more concrete and simple criteria to apply. For example, we can not only add one condition, but several: from the name of the contact or the chat, to the type of content we are looking for as well as the keywords that could tell the app where the shots are going.

These new criteria can be written in the box that appears at the top of the screen, or by tapping on some suggestions that WhatsApp offers us just below. For example, when writing a series of letters, if there are coincidences with contacts or any other content, an autocomplete will appear so that when we click on them we will save ourselves from finishing writing them. As you can see on the screens published on WhatsApp, It is possible to tell him that we are looking for a “link” with a “mother’s recipe”, so that all the ones that we save will appear on the phone. As we tell you, this new version of the WhatsApp application for Android has begun to be updated in the last hours and should be among us throughout the next few days.