WhatsApp voice notes can now be sent from the Google Assistant

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Google assistant with WhatsApp

If you receive a new message and at that moment you cannot touch your mobile, either because you are driving or you do not feel like moving to pick it up, you can ask the Google Assistant to read your messages of WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and co. Do not forget that it is a hands-free.

Google now updates itself by taking out a version of voice notes like WhatsApp is to send voice notes. Until now, the Google assistant allowed us to send all kinds of messages through the messaging app, but now the popular voice notes are also joining. Estop is able to do, thanks to the latest update of the wizard you can send messages this way in some countries (regions).

Send WhatsApp voice notes with Google Assistant

In some countries / regions, it is already possible to send voice messages on WhatsApp easily through the Google Assistant. In addition, these messages can be sent to anyone we want from our contacts without touching the phone. A more comfortable function, because all operations can be performed with voice commands without having to press the WhatsApp record button continuously to send voice messages. In fact, you only need to provide the Google Assistant with the following information:

  • “Hey Google! Send an audio message “

That is when the voice assistant asks us about the person to whom we will send a voice message. He audio will be sent immediately after recording starts. After recording, the assistant will send the message to the contact.

The first time we send one of these messages, we will have to choose which of the messaging apps installed on our mobile will be the default for this purpose. It can be WhatsApp, or also other alternatives to be able to send audio messages by taking steps and saving time, for example, saying:

  • “Hey Google! Send Pedro an audio message saying I’m late”

Currently, this feature is only available when we request it in English over the phone, otherwise it won’t catch our attention because, as we mentioned at the beginning, this feature is only available in English-speaking countries and Brazil. In any case, it will soon reach Spanish-speaking countries. There is no doubt that we will use one of the functions of the Google Assistant more often, and you can already try it.