WhatsApp: we tell you how to activate dark mode on your computer

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Surely you already know how these things work: an application announces that it is updated and then it takes a few days, or a few weeks until it is implemented really everywhere. Well, with WhatsApp desktop, for PC and Mac, something similar has happened since, after being announced by the hype in all the media, it turns out that it has not been available until now.

Very a few hours ago, the app has been updated on all desktops in a stealthy way and we already have it with that new option “Theme” within your settings. A function that takes up a new space and that will finally allow us to tint all the WhatsApp chats dark. We tell you how to do it quickly.

No matter the theme of Windows or macOS

Unlike what happens in mobile apps, where WhatsApp does not allow us to choose the topic and directly adopts the same one that we have active in iOS 13 or Android 10, on the desktop yes it will be possible to alternate it in the way that we like the most, without linking to the way you view both Windows 10 and macOS.

WhatsApp desktop, how to choose a theme.

So to switch from light to dark theme just we must go to the “Configuration” menu that appears after pressing the down arrow that you will see to the right of your profile picture. There a menu with several options will be displayed and, secondly, there is the “Theme” menu, which, when entering, we will see that it only leaves us two alternatives: light or dark. Nothing else.

Dark theme on WhatsApp desktop.

The way to activate this dark mode on WhatsApp Web is the same if you are one of those who do not want to leave a permanent installation of the messaging app on a computer and only consult your conversations through Chrome. That you never know who will be watching. Especially since, today, Those of Facebook have not considered it interesting to take some type of security measure so that our chats do not gossip: either integrating a verification system every time we enter and leave WhatsApp from the desktop, or a way to hide the conversations so that no one else has access.

To update to this version you don’t have to do anything. Surely at this moment the update has already been applied in the background, without you knowing, so it only remains to activate the dark mode. Try looking for this feature and see how the user experience changes, don’t you think it is more comfortable?