WhatsApp Web will stop working in some browsers in 2021

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WhatsApp Web can not be used from the year 2021 in Internet browsers developed by Microsoft before 2019. The company has not confirmed the exact date in which it will stop supporting browsers such as Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy, but those who use these browsers on their computer will not be able to use WhatsApp Web through the browser as of next year.

WhatsApp will also become unavailable on some mobile phones in 2021

The solution will be to download the WhatsApp application for desktop -which is used independently of the browser- or use one of the Internet browsers in which WhatsApp will continue to be compatible: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or any of the new versions of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft officially launched the new Chromium-based Edge browser in 2019, leaving Edge Legacy behind. The first stable version of Edge based on Chromium, which has also been developed by Google, was launched in January 2020 and is expected to replace all other browsers developed by Microsoft previously.

In fact, next year Microsoft will withdraw security updates for Edge Legacy as of March 9, and it has also announced that as of August 17 it will no longer guarantee Microsoft 365 service compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.

This means that during 2021 Microsoft will say goodbye to Internet Explorer and Edge Legacy, which will no longer be compatible with numerous tools and applications, among which is WhatsApp. Users who use the web version of WhatsApp through the browser will encounter, sometime in 2021, an unpleasant incompatibility message.

It is common for WhatsApp to stop working on obsolete mobile phone operating systems, such as these in which it will no longer be available in 2021. As web browsers evolve, it is also logical that the instant messaging application will stop supporting some of them, as will happen in 2021 with those developed by Microsoft before 2019.


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